What the Dallas Cowboys Just Did For Police Officers is Awesome

While other athletes have chosen to voice their support for Black Lives Matter activists – Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and players from the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx come to mind – Dallas Cowboys players decided to pay tribute to police officers in their city instead.

The team marched out for their first training camp practice this weekend, arm-in-arm with Dallas police officers and families of the victims of last month’s shooting. A shooting carried out at the hands of a racist Black Lives Matter-inspired sniper.


In a powerful moment, Dallas Police Chief David Brown and Mayor Mike Rawlings walked hand and hand with the Dallas Cowboys onto the field for the team’s first training camp practice. It was the Cowboys way of paying tribute to the family members of the officers killed in the July shootings in downtown Dallas. Many of those family members also walked along side the players.

After walking onto the field, both Rawlings and Brown spoke to the team and encouraged the players to use their platform as professional athletes to make a difference during these troubled times.

The Cowboys continue to pay tribute by wearing decal stickers on the back of their helmets that read “Arm and Arm.”

Check it out below:


ESPN called it a “lump in the throat moment.”

Head coach Jason Garrett called his players “really pretty special” and said it says a lot “about the character of our football team.”

Owner Jerry Jones said, “I’ve never been so proud of the players in my life.”

We couldn’t agree more. Any professional athletes that actually side with law enforcement over Black Lives Matter activists are okay in our book.

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