Via the New York Post (HT Empire Report):

Hello? Just as Mayor de Blasio is to meet with federal prosecutors to talk possible pay-to-play with the city’s teachers union, that same union fulsomely endorses the mayor for a second term.

Awkward? You might say.

Really. Why not take a bright red Sharpie and draw a fat circle around that $350,000 American Federation of Teachers “donation” to de Blasio’s now-defunct-but-certainly-not-forgotten Campaign for One New York slush fund — followed days later by the $9 billion contract the mayor laid on the union’s local affiliate, the United Federation of Teachers.

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This may or may not have been a crime — among other things, that’s what the feds are trying to figure out — but the notion that it’s not in spirit pay-to-play is ludicrous.


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