In an attempt to foster a more friendly atmosphere, Starbucks implemented a policy several years ago in which they would write a customer’s name on their cup and call them by said name when the order was ready adobe flash player opera download kostenlos.

If you’ve patronized the coffee giant, you’ve likely experienced this procedure.

Over the years, the occasional jokester will give employees at Starbucks the wrong name, and they’ll still write it on the cup herunterladen. Examples of this can be seen here herunterladen.

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Some customers decided to have a little fun and were in a celebratory mood around election time, so they asked Starbucks to write the name ‘Trump’ on their cups…


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Not everyone was in a jovial mood, however vtech download manager free games. One Starbucks in Florida not only refused to write ‘Trump’ on a customers cup, but they called the cops on the man for requesting it!

Via BizPacReview:

A customer at a Florida Starbucks was stunned when baristas called the police on him because he wanted the name “Trump” written on his cup word herunterladen 2007.

A video of the incident, posted a day before Donald Trump’s election as president, has now gone viral. The video showed the millennial manager and employees definitely refusing to write the name and calling the cops gesetzestexte herunterladen.

“That’s the name I want to be heard and seen as today,” the customer said. “And you’re refusing to do that?”

“Yeah,” the manager, Ryan, replied google play error. “And we’re calling the cops.”

Watch the video below …


*GASP* – You want the name of our next president on your cup?! Bring me to my safe space!

Hey sensitive snowflake … Any idea what would have happened if a customer came in and asked for the name ‘Obama’ on their cup and you refused service? That’s right, the cops would have been called on you.

The question is – What will Starbucks do in response to this viral video? Will they make things right with the customer? We’ll have to wait and see.

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