Curt Schilling filed campaign finance reports in which he took a shot at ESPN (his employer) for being intolerant of conservatives.

Schilling made a $250 donation to Dr. Ben Carson back in September, and seemingly knew it would cause problems at ESPN.

He listed his occupation as, quote:  “ESPN (NOT SURE HOW MUCH LONGER).”

Troll level: Hall of Fame.

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In 2015, Schilling was suspended by ESPN for a tweet in which a comparison between radical Islam and Nazi Germany was made.

And just recently, we reported on comments Schilling made during a radio broadcast in which he claimed Hillary Clinton “should be buried under a jail somewhere.”

At this time, Schilling hasn’t been punished for the Clinton comments, but that doesn’t mean he should be without concern.

ESPN just announced they were pulling NFL legend, Mike Ditka, from their broadcast for endorsing Donald Trump and saying Barack Obama is “the worst president we’ve ever had.”

If they can do that to one legend, they can certainly do it to another.

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