It didn’t take long for President Obama and the liberal gun-grabbing zealots to turn a clear radical Islamic terrorist attack into a message about gun control filme herunterladen von youtube. But that is exactly what they’ve done in the wake of the Orlando nightclub attack, mislabeling and mischaracterizing it as a ‘hate crime’ or ‘mass shooting’ and pushing for more restrictions enpure app.

Former ESPN baseball analyst and World Series legend, Curt Schilling, voiced his frustration with the Second Amendment-trampling leftists in a blog post titledYou are, quite literally, killing us musikvideo von youtube downloaden legal.

First, he explained why the notion that the shooter, Omar Mateen, had obtained his guns legally is a complete farce.

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Via The Blaze:

… given Schilling’s conservative posture and outspoken nature, the direction of his initial Twitter posts on Sunday weren’t surprising — but he really cut loose on his blog, 38 Pitches, titling his latest entry, “You are, quite literally, killing us“:

This is a full fledged war on everyone on this planet NOT faithful to the Prophet Muhammed minecraft download laptop. This is a war of an ideology who’s “Bible” states 109 times that followers of the Prophet Muhammad are duty bound to kill, maim, rape, pillage, beat, torture and/or destroy anyone not of the Islamic faith, anyone herunterladen.

They are taught to actively seek us out, and convert or kill. No other options. Oh and transgenders? Homosexuals, they’re allowed to just toss you from roofs in public, to a cheering audience wo kann ich programmeen.

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Schilling addressed gun control advocates directly, saying “many of you believe you can walk into a Bass Pro Shop or K-Mart, show your drivers license and buy any gun you want wii play for free. You can’t. And if you do one or both folks in the transaction are breaking the law.

Schilling pointed out that more gun laws will not make a difference, pointing out that liberals live in a parallel universe if they think otherwise gta 5 demo download pc kostenlos.

“Laws aren’t going to stop terrorists, people are,” Schilling wrote. “Americans are, Christians are.”

“Why?” he rhetorically asked skip bo gratis herunterladen. “Because the rest of you live in a world that refuses to acknowledge reality.”

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Schilling then advised the President to let our men and women in the military do their job and take care of these extremists autocad 2017 downloaden.

“We must redefine ‘proportional response’ and we do that by getting the hell out of the way and letting our military do what they’re poorly paid to do, kill our enemies,” he demanded. “Not some, not here, not there, but every single one they can find.”

“Give some Delta’s, Rangers, Seals or Marines a ‘weapons free’ and point them in the right direction, and get our asses out of the way. Support them and step back, this drone bullshit is nothing more than a pathetic ‘easy out’ for this administration. It’s not designed in any way to ‘win’, it’s designed to kick the can down the road while accomplishing little to nothing. I bet 4 weeks to 4 months later we’d see a marked downturn in this stuff on a global scale.”

“All you clowns who want to start screaming anti-American bulls*** about death, save it,” Schilling added. “Our ‘Soldiers’ don’t hide inside schools, or in communities with hospitals like the spineless scum in Hamas or these pigs.”

Schilling has never hidden his disdain for terrorists, nor should he. In 2015, he was suspended by ESPN for a tweet in which a comparison between radical Islam and Nazi Germany was made.

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