Kordell Jackson, owner of two gun shop locations known as Jackson Guns and Ammo for over a decade, has had to shut down both stores.  The most recent closing occurred in Henrietta, New York, and Jackson points the finger directly at Governor Cuomo film youtube downloaden ipad.

Jackson said Cuomo’s unconstitutional SAFE Act hindered his ability to sell rifles, dropping business off by a staggering 94% per month.

Jackson told Time Warner Cable News that his sales plummeted from about $250,000 per month to a scant $15,000 per month kostenloser musiker app.

He said prior to the SAFE Act, his strongest sales involved so-called assault rifles, but once the anti-gun legislation came into play business dropped off markedly magentacloud app herunterladen.

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The SAFE Act wasn’t the only source of the store owner’s woes.  New York’s exorbitantly high taxes and restrictive business regulations also made it impossible for Jackson to keep his business thriving herunterladen.

Via Time Warner:

“We were struggling with all the rules and regulations, the New York SAFE Act as well as the New York State payroll taxes, the state taxes, all these taxes,” Jackson said myt material v5 herunterladen. “You can’t stay in business with all this going on.

Jackson closed up shop Jan. 17.  He says the decision was difficult.  After spending five to six months looking for ways to keep his business viable, Jackson said closing made the most sense herunterladen.

“We did everything.  We reached out to customers to see what we could do to make it better for them, how we could make things easier for them, what types of firearms they’re looking for task manager herunterladen.  We did sales, we did everything we possible could to try and stay open during this time and it just wasn’t going to happen.”

“The receipts and all the ATF paperwork that we file for our business has to be given to the ATF münchener freiheit kostenlos downloaden.  It has to be stored in their vault in Buffalo and can never be touched by anybody else but the ATF.”

Jackson said he’ll eventually be back in business, but not in New York state music for free on mp3-player.  He’s relocating to the Cary, North Carolina area to open a gun shop there.

The SAFE Act along with New York’s un-friendly business climate also helped Remington Arms decide to move hundreds of jobs out of the Empire State fortnite herunterladen handy.

Previously, the Governor proclaimed that “extreme” conservatives who are “pro-assault-weapon” are not welcome in New York.

Businesses in New York state are finding out he was dead serious.