Remington Arms has announced that they will be laying off another 126 employees on Veteran’s Day, citing budgetary reasons and a “soft” market outlook.


Remington Arms in Ilion is making another round of layoffs.

Sources tell WIBX that 126 employees will be let go Tuesday, citing budgetary reasons and market outlook being ‘soft’ for the next year.

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The layoffs are effective as of Tuesday, and those laid off were told to empty their lockers and remove any personal belongings.

Remington laid off over 100 employees back in August as well, stemming from consolidation efforts for their plant in Alabama.

While Remington is being diplomatic in not specifically pointing to the SAFE Act as the culprit for multiple layoff announcements and a move to Alabama, the reality is that the legislation has certainly served as a catalyst for these lost jobs.

A Yellowhammer report from February explained that Remington began its review of new locations after passage of the SAFE Act, which banned magazines containing more than seven rounds, and reclassified the Bushmaster – a Remington product – as an “assault weapon.”

The new plant in Huntsville, Alabama was to bring thousands of jobs to the state – opportunities that New York is missing out on.

While those jobs were certainly a lost opportunity, Rich Azzopardi, spokesman for Governor Cuomo had this to say about the situation…

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin responded to Azzopardi on Twitter saying “this is on Governor Cuomo,” adding that “you, the SAFE Act, and your policies caused this.”

In February, McLaughlin, upon initially hearing of Remington Arms consolidation plans, had this to say:

Remington is making what I sadly believe will be the first of many moves to greatly downsize their operations in Ilion, if not close there altogether.

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney also laid blame for these losses on Governor Cuomo.

Political analyst John Brodigan gently reminded New Yorkers on Facebook that elections have consequences, with a specific message to those who did not vote last week:

If you are upset at the Remington Arms job losses and are one of the 68% who didn’t vote last week, the line to kiss my ass forms to the right.

In a year in which the Governor proclaimed that “extreme” conservatives who are “pro-assault-weapon” are not welcome in New York, Cuomo is watching a company forced to eliminate or transfer their employees as a result of his SAFE Act legislation.  Now, New Yorkers are waving goodbye to thousands of jobs, and millions in revenue.  All thanks to Cuomo’s extreme view on gun control.