Governor Andrew Cuomo has seen his approval rating tumble 19 points over the past three months, largely because Republicans in New York have finally figured out that he is still a far-left, gun-grabbing, big government liberal at heart.

Via Capital Tonight:

Part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s near-freakish inability to succumb to gravity in opinion polls has been the support from New York Republicans.

Sure, there was always going to be that 25 percent to 30 percent of GOP voters who would back ABC (Anyone But Cuomo), which is why you had millions of your fellow New Yorkers cast votes for Carl Paladino in 2010.

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But the Quinnipiac University poll released this morning shows that Cuomo is, indeed, susceptible to gravity.

And it shows that, at the end of the day, Cuomo is really a Democrat (remember when people were questioning his party bona fides?)

The poll found that 38 percent of Republican voters approve of his job as governor, the lowest he’s hit with Republicans since taking office in 2011. Forty-nine percent of enrolled Republicans say they disapprove of his job as governor.

According to Quinnipiac pollsters, “His first-in-the-nation move for gun control hurt Gov. Cuomo with Republicans and independent voters.”

They added, “The geographical split is wide:  Upstaters disapprove heavily of the way the governor handled the gun issue, but city voters support him even more heavily.”

New York GOP Chair Ed Cox released the following statement:

“On issue after issue – tax hikes, one-shot budget gimmicks, hydrofracking jobs, property tax relief through real reform of unfunded mandates, Medicaid and public pensions and political abuse of economic development funds – Andrew Cuomo has talked big, delivered little and favored his own ambitions over spending his political capital on what’s good for New York.

“Unless the governor puts aside his political ambitions to focus on growing New York’s economy and creating jobs, his declining poll numbers will only mirror his management of the continued decline of New York State.”

Will Cuomo be able to manage the decline in poll numbers the way he is currently managing the decline of the Empire State?