Cuomo Vetoes Pension Bill For Veterans, Women in Non-Combat Roles

Granted, if this were a Republican lawmaker there’d still be little outcry from the left regarding veterans, because really, their crises are just overblown.  Right Hillary?

However, when Governor Cuomo vetoed a veterans pension bill (mere weeks before Veteran’s Day min you), he penalized another group amongst our fighting service members – women in non-combat roles.

War on freaking women!

Via State of Politics:

State lawmakers are pushing back against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s veto of a bill that would expand pension credits for public workers who served in the military.

“He actually lumped it in with five or six other pension bills and did it as one lump sum thinking nobody would notice,” said Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, R-Canandaigua.

The bill would provide a credit to the public employees who served in Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Korean DMZ.

Currently, those veterans are not eligible for the military service credit, and neither are women who served in non-combat roles. Cuomo vetoed a similar bill last year and money for expanding the credit wasn’t included in this year’s budget agreement.

Cuomo vetoed a similar bill last year saying it hadn’t been included in the budget.  This year, it was allocated in the budget, but Cuomo blamed the cost – according to the Governor’s office, “approval of the bill would mean $229.7 million in near-term costs and $607 million in projected costs for the long term.”

New York State recently had the rare gift of a $6 billion windfall from fines and penalty payments from financial institutions, a majority of which was budgeted for political pork and corporate welfare.

Of the $6 billion, only $5.4 billion was allocated in the budget.  Meaning, despite all of the political pork and corporate welfare, there is still $600+ million remaining.  Why not use that to help our veterans?  It might just be an appropriate Veteran’s Day gift to those who served.

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