A Cuomo supporter and what one CBS affiliate refers to as a “prominent Westchester County Democrat” tweeted a racist comment directed at Republican candidate, Chris Moss.

Andrew Barovick mocked Moss, a black candidate for Lieutenant Governor, saying that after the election he would be relegated to becoming a spokesman for “Cream of Wheat, or Uncle Ben’s Rice.”

The tweet (seen below) has since been deleted.


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Both the Cream of Wheat and Uncle Ben’s mascots made Business Insider’s list of “12 Uncomfortably Racist Vintage Brand Mascots.”

Barovick, whose partner at their personal injury law firm is black, tweeted an apology.

But the apology came after he doubled down on the original Uncle Ben’s tweet, with yet another deleted post.  In that message, Barovick said “I meant it.”


Moss issued the following statement according to CBS New York:

“For weeks I have watched the tone of Andrew Cuomo’s rhetoric become increasingly disturbing, particularly as it relates to race relations here in New York.  His failed attempts to gin up racial disharmony among the electorate have been nothing short of appalling. “Now, I find myself under attack as a statewide African-American candidate from one of Mr. Cuomo’s key cheerleaders in Westchester County, Andrew Barovick, who has fired off a blatant racist smear about me via Twitter. Mr. Barovick’s suggestion that I should become the next spokesman for Uncle Ben’s Rice or Cream of Wheat cereal is eyebrow-raising in the extreme. Mr. Cuomo may not have penned those but he has set the tone for these types of unfortunate attacks.”

Barovick is the Chair of the Medical Malpractice Committee for the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.