Cuomo Says the Word ‘Lazy’ Is Racist

Governor Cuomo sure doesn’t sound like a candidate who plans on coasting to victory in tomorrow’s election.  Cuomo absolutely went off the rails earlier today at a GOTV rally in Albany, calling Republicans “zealots” with “bizarre” ideas.

He then took a shot at Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin who, at a rally for the governor’s opponent said that New York City voters are “lazy.”

Via Capital New York:

“I think personally that New York City, as lazy as they are, they’re not going to show up to vote,” McLaughlin said Saturday, predicting Republicans could win Tuesday’s elections because of low voter turnout downstate.

Cuomo took that as an opportunity to stoke racial fires, saying the word ‘lazy’ was “coded language.”  He went on to say that McLaughlin’s concerns about downstate voters is more about poor, black, or latino people “taking all the money.”

Via the Troy Record:

He chided an Astorino supporter, Troy-area Assembly member Steve McLaughlin, referring to him as a “disciple” who used “divisive, coded language” in comments over the weekend about New York City voters being too lazy to vote.

He said Republicans “play to people’s fears, play to people’s parochialism, play to people’s regionalism. ‘New York City’s getting more than you are … it’s those people who are taking all the money, the poor people. It’s the black people, it’s the latino people, it’s the new people, it’s the immigrants.”

President Obama himself must be racist and afraid of black people, having once stated that there is a “laziness” in him.

In 1992, the governor’s father Mario Cuomo, called Americans in general “fat, sassy, and lazy.”

Cuomo, while finding racism in the term ‘lazy,’ somehow managed to completely miss it when he sat on stage and listened to his Democrat colleague, Public Advocate Letitia James, compare Astorino to segregationist Bull Connor.  Connor is most famous for using fire hoses and attack dogs to enforce racial segregation during the civil rights era.

Connor of course, was a Democrat – a member of the actual party of racism and bigotry.

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