Cuomo to Possible Ebola Victims: Now That You’ve Got Some Time, Read My Book

Only an out of touch, empty-headed dolt would pitch his book to quarantined victims of the deadly Ebola virus.

Enter Governor Cuomo.

Cuomo told health care workers who have had contact with Ebola patients that they would be quarantined at home for 21-days, and monitored by medical professionals.  He would also state that the workers would be paid during that time.

Then he awkwardly tried shilling for his new book …

Via Democrat & Chronicle:

On Monday, Cuomo noted New York’s policy is tougher than still-unreleased protocols from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He said his policy was more “cautious” and emphasized that it would remain (up to) New York residents to remain in their homes, with the state picking up the tab for lost wages.

“Stay at home for 21 days. We will pay. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your kids. Enjoy your friends,” Cuomo said. “Read a book. Read my book. You don’t have to read my book, but stay at home for 21 days. I think it will help keep the public calm.”

Cuomo’s book, much like his ethics commission and most of his time spent as Governor, have been a flop.

Via New York Magazine:

If everyone who came into contact with Ebola took Cuomo’s advice, he’d outsell the book’s measly first-week record of 945 copies. But really, haven’t these people suffered enough?

All of New York has suffered enough.

Prior to Ebola showing up in New York, Cuomo had stated that anxiety about the disease “can be healthy.”

A doctor in New York remains in serious but stable condition, having been rushed to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan on Thursday with Ebola symptoms.

A 5-year-old boy has now been sent for testing with Ebola-related symptoms.

Through it all, Cuomo still manages to find humor and an opportunity to sell his book.

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