Cuomo Laughs When Asked About Sexual Harassment Scandals, Tax Evasion Claims

During a radio interview today, Governor Cuomo found it difficult to hide his disdain for issues that many New Yorkers find important – the rise of sexual harassment complaints amongst Democrats, and a recent story about he and his girlfriend trying to skirt higher taxes on their $1.2 million home.

Via the Daily News:

Gov. Cuomo did his best Alfred E. Neuman “what? me worry?” schtick Monday when asked about a barrage of criticism from GOP challenger Rob Astorino.

Appearing on public radio’s “The Capitol Pressroom”, Cuomo laughed when host Susan Arbetter listed Astorino’s accusations that the governor interfered with his anti-corruption commission, protected Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver during sex harassment scandals in the chamber, and potentially evaded property taxes.

“Yeah, that’s funny,” Cuomo said dismissively with a chuckle.

NYGOP Chair Ed Cox released the following statement in response:

“Sexual assault isn’t funny, and the fact that New York’s Governor would laugh off rather than address the serious issue of the leadership of the Assembly covering up sexual assault in the State Capitol is appalling.

“Blowing off the interviewer’s question with a laugh demonstrates that Andrew Cuomo is incapable of giving New York the moral leadership that it needs and deserves.”

The only thing funny here is Cuomo’s inability to call out a sexual harassment enabler such as Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.  We have a man in the Governor who rolls out a 10-point Women’s Equality Act, and simultaneously is unable to muster enough spine to call for Silver’s resignation when it is revealed he has allowed sexual harassment to flourish under his leadership.

One has to wonder how leadership on women’s rights issues can generate from a state whose leader can not summon the political courage to denounce actions which have been found to encourage harassment of women.  Actions which led one journalist to refer to the Capitol of New York as “the most sexually abusive workplace in the nation”.

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