Using today’s snowfall as an example, Governor Cuomo commented on what he calls the “new normal”, a series of weather developments that he believes can be directly linked to climate change, formerly known as “global warming.”

Of course, the fact that it is New York state, in February, and that snow is a normal occurrence, had nothing to do with it herunterladen.  Every weather event, from hurricanes to warm weather, and now even cold weather, can be attributed to man made global warming in Cuomo’s view wo kann ich programmeen.

That type of hysteria seems pretty … extreme.

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Via Politicker:

Speaking with reporters on a conference call this morning, Mr wii play for free. Cuomo announced that he had just declared a state of emergency and cited a salt shortage as one of the complicating factors in mitigating the storm. But, he stressed, government agencies will need to fundamentally adjust in order to deal with these kinds of challenges gta 5 demo download pc kostenlos.

“When you talk about the ‘new normal’ right, we talk about extreme weather. This is another example of that: Hurricane Sandy, Storm Irene, Storm Lee,” said Mr skip bo gratis herunterladen. Cuomo, marveling at new cold-weather terminology like “polar vortex” and “thunder snow.”

“They were talking about ‘thunder snow’ this morning autocad 2017 downloaden. The ‘polar vortex’ a couple weeks ago. This is a pattern of extreme weather that is posing challenges that we haven’t had to deal with before,” he said herunterladen.

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Of course, the snowiest February on record in the capital of New York, Albany, came in 1893 with 40.7″ of the white stuff amazon prime serien im ausland downloaden. Perhaps Governor Roswell P. Flower was calling normal winter weather in the 19th century “extreme,” but I can’t find anything on record mendeley kostenlos downloaden.

We’re waiting confirmation on whether or not Cuomo said that such extreme weather “has no place in the state of New York.”