Cuomo: Commissioners Allowed to Violate Law and Carry Guns on State Property

Earlier today, Governor Cuomo stated that he was okay with his commissioners carrying handguns in the workplace, a direct violation of a state law that prohibits New York employees from bringing weapons into state buildings.  Cuomo clarified that circumventing the law was allowable if the commissioner has a license to carry and “they’re in that field of work.”

The statements were in response to press inquiries regarding Jerome Hauer, Cuomo’s director of Homeland Security.

Via Capitol Confidential:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday said he is OK with his commissioners wearing weapons in the workplace as long as they have a license to carry.

The question arose after numerous reports that Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner Jerome M. Hauer has been packing a gun for years despite a law that prohibits employees who are not law enforcement officers from bringing weapons into state facilities.

Cuomo qualified his statement to say he was comfortable with commissioners wearing a gun as long as they have a permit “and they’re in that field of work.”

Hauer was one of two state employees profiled in a June Times Union report on state employees found toting handguns to work. The other employee was placed on administrative leave, while Hauer continued to carry his firearm to work.  He is not a law enforcement official.

Still, at least he is a responsible employee well-versed in firearm safety.  Um, well…

Hauer is the commissioner of the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, and the report describes him as a bit unsteady at times due to a stroke he suffered a few years back.

Well, it’s not like he’s walking around waving a loaded gun all over the place.  Um, well…

Governor Cuomo’s director of Homeland Security was giving a presentation to foreign delegates back in October regarding the state’s response to Superstorm Sandy, and reportedly used the laser sighting device attached to his 9-millimeter Glock as a pointer.  The delegates were none too pleased when Jerome Hauer attempted to point to New York State on a map, and the laser ran across their heads in the process.

In the case of Hauer, Cuomo seems to be following in the footsteps of the President, rewriting laws to fit his own administrative and political needs.

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