In an incredibly hypocritical and politically motivated stunt, Governor Cuomo is banning all non-essential government employee travel to the state of North Carolina, a sign of protest over that state’s blocking of local laws that would allow people ‘identifying’ as a different gender to use whichever public restroom they desire herunterladen.

North Carolina has specifically responded to a Charlotte ordinance that enables transgender people to use restrooms aligned with their gender ‘identity.’

In a statement regarding the ban, Cuomo wrote “In New York, we believe that all people – regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation – deserve the same rights and protections under the law.”

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Suddenly, using the proper bathroom has become a ‘human right’ with the far-left youtube musik sicheren.


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has banned all non-essential state travel to North Carolina in the wake of that state’s decision to overturn an ordinance on transgender rights wie viele serien kann man bei netflix herunterladen.

The ban, which was signed by executive order on Monday, requires all state agencies, departments, boards and commissions to immediately review all requests for state funded or state sponsored travel to North Carolina herunterladen.

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In a statement, the Democratic governor said New York “will not stand idly by as misguided legislation replicates the discrimination of the past.”

It should be made clear that the ban is completely meaningless, a symbolic gesture to bolster support from the LGBT community to use as future electoral capital samsung apps herunterladen geht nicht.

Non-essential employees make up the bulk of the state workforce, as the only ‘essential’ employees are those needed for emergency situations, of which interaction between North Carolina and New York is very limited audible herunterladen.

Symbolism aside, this is the same Democrat Governor who recently traveled to Cuba to establish trade relations with a country notorious for their poor civil and human rights record video von youtube herunterladen auf iphone.

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Cuba has no anti-discrimination laws currently regarding the provisions of goods and services. None. They have no anti-discrimination laws regarding hate speech against particular groups cv to download. But they do have a constitutional ban against same-sex marriage.

Yet Cuomo seems perfectly fine with that.

North Carolina’s alleged intolerance – Bad free simulation games. Cuba’s proven intolerance – *shrug*.

Cuomo if you recall, is actually a big fan of intolerance – for conservatives.  It was justtwo short years ago that the governor said not everyone is welcome in his state outlook 2016 kostenlosen vollversion.  He announced that Second Amendment supporters, believers in traditional marriage, and those who are pro-life “have no place in the state of New York.”

Cuomo and his liberal ilk have long since lost the concept of common sense.