Cuomo Accepts Award From Pro-Women’s Organization, Forgets Name Of ‘Pro-Women’s’ Party He Formed

After accepting an award from the pro-choice women’s political organization Eleanor’s Legacy, Governor Cuomo bragged about a political party he formed to support women’s equality – the Women’s Empowerment Party.

Only one problem – that party doesn’t exist.

Via Politico New York:

Cuomo talked about his efforts on behalf of women, although he was not as precise as he wanted to be. He referred to his role in forming a new political party last year, when he was running for re-election.

“We formed a political party called the Women’s Empowerment Party just to say, if the political system is going to respond to the squeaky wheel, well then we will squeak,” he said. The actual name of the party he helped found is the Women’s Equality Party.

Of course, the equality of women was a concern in name only.  The party was widely ridiculed as being a cheap pandering effort, as well as a political stunt to weaken the Working Families Party, a group he had been mildly feuding with at the time.

It becomes even more obvious that the party formation was no more than a stunt when Cuomo can’t even remember it’s name when accepting a pro-women’s group award.

Eleanor’s Legacy gave Cuomo the award for “establishing a legal definition of affirmative consent at New York’s colleges and universities.”

Cuomo’s ‘Yes Means Yes’ law has actually been criticized however for the damage it has done on college campuses.

Betsy McCaughey, former Lieutenant Governor of New York and current senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, warned that Governor Cuomo and his Democrat colleagues were “criminaliz(ing) normal sexual interactions,” and making college campuses “a hostile environment for young men” through the law.

Fox News hosts Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume ripped the ‘Yes Means Yes’ law, saying that while trying to combat assaults on campus is a laudable goal, doing so by giving up the rights of the accused and forcing written proof of consent is absurd.

Hume went so far as to say the law seemed to have been written by people who “have never had any sex.”

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