Cuban Migrant In ‘Obama Boat’ Gets Trump Hat On Arrival

One of the six Cuban migrants aboard a boat they named ‘Barack Obama’ was gifted a quite unlikely present: a Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

Although he was eventually photographed with the hat turned inside out, he did make himself available for a few photos of him wearing it the right way.

FLORIDA MAN gives Donald Trump hat to Cuban migrant who arrived in Fort Lauderdale today

— Joel Franco (@OfficialJoelF) June 7, 2016


Upon reaching the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., the six migrants — two men and four women, one who was pregnant and immediately taken to a hospital — first kissed the ground of the country they risked their lives to reach, and then were given towels, bottled water, and hamburgers. They spent nine days on their homemade boat making the trip from Cuba to America.

One migrant got a little something extra, and was happy to pose for pictures with his new hat. Although, he was later seen wearing his new Trump hat inside out, which may not come as a surprise seeing as how they were on a boat they named ‘Barack Obama, The Tremendous’

Under the ‘Wet Foot, Dry Foot‘ policy, where as long as Cuban migrants make it to U.S. soil, they get fast-tracked to U.S. residency, the migrants now have a new place to call home. The Coast Guard was alerted to the boat before it reached land, but was unable to locate it before the boat made landfall. If the Coast Guard catches migrants before they reach American soil, and the migrants are unable to produce ‘clear and convincing’ evidence of their reasons to flee, they are considered to have ‘wet feet’ and are sent back home.

The United States gives special migrant privileges specifically to Cubans that no other migrant group receives. When Haitians make landfall, for instance, they must prove they are personally being targeted for political persecution, as opposed to Cubans just having to make landfall. Only if a Cuban migrant is caught in open waters do they need to provide evidence of their persecution.

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