Cox: The only thing the Governor is helping to “Start-Up” are moving vans

New Report Naming Syracuse Last in Nation in Economic Growth and 122 Layoffs at Remington Show Real Truth About State of New York’s Economy

New York, March 10th…

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The only thing Governor Cuomo is helping “Start-Up” in New York are moving vans, today charged New York Republican Chairman Ed Cox following more troubling news about Upstate New York’s economy.


Chairman Cox, who has long been critical of Governor Cuomo for spending more than $50 million in taxpayer dollars on “Start-Up NY” ads claiming New York is open for business, cited a new report out today showing the Syracuse region ranks dead last in the nation in economic growth and news this week that Remington Arms laid off 122 workers as more proof of the true state of New York’s economy and the Governor’s politically-motivated “SAFE Act.


“Start-Up NY” has only created 400 jobs and has received bipartisan criticism from lawmakers.  New York State continues to rank last or close to last in every important category that determines the economic health of a state.


“The Governor is distracted by the corruption investigation into his administration and trying to distract everyone by playing national politics, while the people of New York are suffering,” said Chairman Cox. “His entire economic agenda is a vanity project designed to garner good headlines with no substance that actually create jobs. The only thing he’s helped “Start-Up” are moving vans filled with New Yorkers fleeing to other states because of his failed policies.”