Governor Cuomo is abusing the powers of his office to ram major pieces of legislation through the legislative process before they can be properly considered.

The “NY SAFE Act,” is the latest example.  For Governor Cuomo to state that the twenty-year gun control debate justifies limited debate over the specifics of the SAFE Act is intellectually dishonest and downright absurd.

For example, a gun registration law in Canada that turned millions of law-abiding citizens into criminals resulted in such massive resistance that Canada had to rescind the law.  Could that happen in New York?  Never discussed.

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The State Constitution mandates that the “Message of Necessity” only be invoked for bills that are so urgent they cannot wait a constitutionally required three days before being voted on.  Yet Governor Cuomo has used the Message of Necessity 35 times since taking office, including with:

●      The NY SAFE ACT
●      The Marriage Equality Act
●      Tier VI Pensions
●      Teacher Evaluations
●      The DNA Database

“The way Mr. Cuomo is governing in Albany should raise serious concerns among New Yorkers who cherish the democratic process — even among those who agree with the Governor on the issues,” said State GOP Chairman Ed Cox.

The State Republican Party urges Governor Cuomo to review his policy of employing Messages of Necessity.

“Governor Cuomo promised to be the most transparent Governor in New York’s history,” said Cox.  “But by placing unnecessary limitations on public debate in the chambers of the legislature, Cuomo shielded favored legislation from the public scrutiny provided for by the State Constitution.”