A councilwoman representing the 2nd District in Troy, New York, has posted more inflammatory remarks regarding the shooting death of Michael Brown, comparing America to the KKK and saying that blacks in America have become a race that is being disseminated, destroyed, and exterminated.

Yesterday the Mental Recession covered Anastasia Robertson’s post on conspiracy theories that blacks are being “rounded up and executed” by the federal government.

In a newly discovered set of remarks on the same The Grio page, Robertson channels her inner Jeremiah Wright, referring to America with the spelling “AmeriKKKa” twice.

Robertson says that while “we” (African-Americans) believe in peaceful resolutions, the time has perhaps come for a change.

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While we believe in peace and reconciliation, at what point do we simply face the facts that AMERIKKKA has no love for the Black Nation and that there is something inherently wrong and that WE have become the race to disseminate and destroy…….I believe in the constitution and the rights of all Americans to live peacefully and abundantly, however that is NOT how we live. We have become targets in our OWN land.

Robertson goes on to make the claim that “nobody can remember the last time an unarmed white person” died at the hands of the police.  A simple Google search shows that this has indeed happened in several communities, several times in the last few weeks alone when Robertson posted her comments.

In keeping with the conspiratorial tone, Robertson then goes on to say that the orders to “exterminate” blacks are not coming from local police departments themselves, but from “high up.”

… this is bigger than us…it is bigger than the police force….these orders come from high up….We have filled your slave ships and then your plantation, now your jails where for at least the next 50 years you remain gainfully employed off the lives of our brothers and sisters to the point where YOU can afford to simply exterminate us.

Lest one believe the claim of this being “high up” means at the Presidential level, Robertson clarifies by pleading with Obama to do something about this.

Robertson finishes with a claim that the situation has led to “militarization against our people” and asks “Does AmeriKKKa want a RACE war?”

Anastasia Robertson KKK

Amazingly, Robertson not only serves as an elected official to the Troy City Council, but she is a member of the Public Safety Committee.

Should somebody entrusted with Public Safety be spouting off about the police “exterminating” black people and calling America the KKK?

Again, we have to ask the Troy City Council, do you support Ms. Robertson’s position or will you ask her to resign in light of these remarks?