Are You Worried About the Coronavirus?


BOOKER: “No matter what, whoever the next nominee is for our party, they better have an authentic connection to African-American communities and inspire, and I’ll use this word very purposely, trust. Because the Democratic Party has done a lot of things — you know mass incarceration is an example — that don’t necessarily align with the interests of African-American communities. And so I — I just was excited in this election to see so many young folks, so many — people of all ages in the black community beginning to really recognize their power, but we have a lot more work to do. And so I’m hoping that the next nominee is — is somebody who has that connection. I don’t think we should have two white men on the ticket anymore, not because there’s not great talented incredible white men, but I also believe that with the diversity of our party, the strength and leadership, having diverse tickets, as Harvard Business School has said, diverse teams are stronger teams. And so I hope that there’s a diverse ticket.”