Perhaps this is the natural progression of corruption amongst New York state Democrats, the logical intersection of bribery and sexual harassment that plague the party.

At the ongoing corruption trial of William Boyland Jr., the Assemblyman’s former Chief of Staff Ry-Ann Hermon, can be heard accepting her own bribe behind her bosses back.

How did that $1,000 payoff feel?  It “made (her) hot.”

Via the Post:

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“You just, like, made me hot,” Ry-Ann Hermon cooed when an agent peeled off a $1,000 payoff at the Blue Water Grill in Manhattan during a recorded 2011 meeting that was played Thursday at the politician’s corruption trial in Brooklyn federal court.

Hermon, who served as Boyland’s chief of staff, told the fed posing as a businessman that she wanted a bite of the alleged bribes on which her boss was feasting — behind his back.

“I don’t know if I would ever get any extra money out of it or not,” Hermon told the agent during the meeting. “Because at the end of the day, my description is to work for him. So if you’re trying to give me a bonus check, bring it. I’ll welcome it.”

The agent proposed handing over a quick grand to the increasingly hot and bothered Hermon.

“Are you serious?” she asked him. “Oh, my God.”

Hermon was arrested along with Boyland, but copped a plea in which she will testify against Boyland.

The Assemblyman faces 30 years in prison if convicted.