Cornell Professors: Hiring Republicans Would Decrease Quality of Faculty

A group of professors at Cornell University in Ithaca are demonstrating what it means to be a member of the intolerant left, saying that diversity in education does not apply to conservatives.

Naturally it stemmed from a discussion of the global warming hype.

Professor Kenneth McClane, used his vast background in science (he’s an English instructor) to decry “the anti-scientific rhetoric of many in the Republican Party to be troublesome.”

Another professor, Richard Bensel, said “I think many mainstream Republicans have views that are anti-intellectual and anti-science.”

Via Fox News Insider:

According to the Sun, government professor Andrew Little suggested hiring Republicans would compromise the quality of Cornell’s professors. He was quoted saying, “Placing more emphasis on diversity of political beliefs when hiring [would] almost certainly require sacrificing on general quality or other dimensions of diversity.”

“It is not surprising that faculty at Cornell find the anti-scientific rhetoric of many in the Republican Party to be troublesome,” Professor Kenneth McClane, English, said. “Many of us here are scientists — we believe in global warming, since we believe what the research tells us.”

“Our job is not to mold the minds of young students — they’ll go out into the world and do that for themselves,” Professor Richard Bensel, government, stated. “Cornell does not have to be a banquet that offers every viewpoint.”

I wonder how that “we do not have to be a banquet that offers every viewpoint” would work if the university’s faculty were accused of being mostly white.  Oh wait, they are – teachers being 82% caucasian, which they tout on their web page as being an example of diversity.

Since Professor McClane claims “we believe what the research tells us,” perhaps he’d like to take a look at this Yale professor’s analysis which shows Tea Party members are actually more scientifically literate than their liberal counterparts.

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