Cop Who Rescued Hundreds of Harvey Victims Was Battling Stage 4 Cancer

A Houston police officer named Bert Ramon helped to save well over 1,ooo people in the path of destruction cause by Hurricane Harvey. And that wasn’t the most amazing aspect of his story.

What makes it more astonishing is the fact that Ramon cast aside his own personal illness to save those people – But what did you expect from a local police officer?

This hero was battling stage 4 colon cancer when he insisted on going out in the middle of a natural disaster to help those who were in need.

“There’s no way I can tell him you can’t go,” Ramon’s wife Cindy said. “He looks at me and say you crazy. He says ‘I’m going.’ ‘I’m going in.’”

Little did people know that when the following photo was snapped by a media outlet, Ramon was sending a signal to his wife that he was doing just fine despite his condition.


Ramon can be seen off to the right, giving the thumbs up sign as he helps rescue a group of seniors aboard his boat.

Hero Houston Police Off. Bert Ramon battles stg 4 cancer.
Helped rescue 100’s people#HurricaneHarvey @houstonpolice

— Michael Parker (@mplasd) September 4, 2017


The cancer is so severe that it has spread to the officer’s lungs and liver.

The immediate risks of going out in the flooded areas were readily apparent to his case manager, Diana Reed.

“I just said he does know his platelet counts are low?” Reed said recalling a conversation with Ramon’s wife. “So he can bump, bruise, bleed easily? She says I know but it’s what he wants to do.”

Houston officer Bert Ramon helped save over 1,000 people during Harvey, even though he was fighting colon cancer

— CBS News (@CBSNews) September 4, 2017


KJRH in Tulsa reported that Ramon actually received treatments for his cancer in between going out in the flood waters to save lives.

When called upon to help others, Ramon didn’t waver at all, casting aside his own medical concerns.

“I didn’t hesitate at all,” he said. “I mean, I got in the water, got wet, whatever needed to be done.”

Throughout his battle with cancer and having to deal with being assigned to desk duty, Ramon asked God how he could still help others.

“God answered my prayer,” he said. “It came out of this flood. I hope I can inspire other cancer patients that you know don’t let this hold you back. If you feel strong, don’t let it take over your life at all.”

He is truly an inspiration.

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