Conservative Actor James Woods Takes a Stand Against Twitter Censorship

Actor James Woods, a frequent critic of President Obama, former candidate Hillary Clinton, and liberals in general on social media, is taking a stand against Twitter’s efforts to censor free speech.

A few days prior, Twitter announced a massive purge of what are known as Alt-Right accounts, along with other conservative members largely associated with Donald Trump supporters.

Woods, a Trump supporter himself, didn’t take too kindly to the censorship, sending the following message:


Via Breitbart:

Prominent conservative actor and producer James Woods, has quit Twitter citing the social media website’s recent purge of alt-right figures as his reason for abandoning the platform.

The recent purge of multiple alt-right and conservative Twitter accounts has attracted widespread coverage in the media, including criticism from non alt-right figures including David Frum and Tim Pool. In the past the company has come under fire for their censorship of Breitbart Senior Editor, Milo Yiannopoulos and their silencing of conservative opinions.

In an act of protest over Twitter’s most recent banning spree, actor and producer James Woods tweeted that, “Since Twitter is now in the #censorship business” he would no longer be using the platform. Woods has had a long career in Hollywood, appearing in a number of acclaimed movies including Straw Dogs and Once Upon A Time In America, as well as over thirty-five plays.

Woods is a favorite of The Political Insider readers, and his smart and snarky commentary will be missed.

Here are some of his better efforts …

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She couldn’t stay up to answer a phone call to save Americans at Benghazi.

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There are many more to choose from, just peruse his feed for some good laughs at liberals expense.

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