Western New York Congressman Brian Higgins lent some legitimacy to a conspiracy theorist who claims that “9/11 building seven was brought down by a controlled demolition.”  Rather than dismissing the outrageous conspiracy theory on C-Span yesterday, Higgins hinted that he would be willing to review the claim.

Frighteningly, Higgins is also a member of both the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the House Committee on Homeland Security.

Transcript (via the Free Beacon):

HOST: Let’s go to our phone calls. Mary has been waiting to talk to you from Fort Myers, Florida Democratic caller.

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CALLER: Hi there I really agree with the Congressman, oh yes. I have a question though I know you’re not a building expert, but you are a U.S. representative who sits on the Homeland Security Committee. So you are responsible to the American people to respond seriously to the opinions of over two thousand building experts.  We are talking national security here. There is very strong evidence for proving that 9/11 building seven was brought down by a controlled demolition people are waking up to it. Would you be willing to personally review that evidence?

HOST: Mary is part of a group out there that is skeptical of the investigation that was done of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

BRIAN HIGGINS: The 9/11 commission?

HOST:  Yes the 9/11 commission skeptical of their investigation.

BRIAN HIGGINS: I have a responsibility to review all relevant information relative to that situation most certainly. Any information that is compelling that change the dynamic of the debate relative to cause and effect, I would certainly review.

Perhaps Higgins will also review claims that the moon landing was faked, or lend legitimacy to the existence of unicorns.