Congressman Nadler: Republicans “Just Want People to Starve”

New York City Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) channeled his inner fear mongerer, claiming that Republicans wanting cuts to the food stamp program “just want people to starve.”

Nadler is displeased with the Federal Farm Bill which trimmed the food stamp budget by $8 billion over 10 years – a cut that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack claimed would not “have a significant impact on recipients. ”

Despite the Agriculture Secretary claiming the cuts – which amount to about 1% – were not impactful, Nadler nonetheless believes Republicans will make people starve.

Via Politicker:

Mr. Nadler, not known as a rhetorical bomb-thrower, used some unusually harsh language Sunday against Republicans lawmakers, charging they “want people to starve” by forcing “immoral” and “disgusting” cuts on hungry families.

“I voted against the Farm Bill … essentially because it contains $8 billion worth–more than $8.5 billion–in cuts to the food stamp program,” Mr. Nadler said, speaking with videographer Shimon Gifter at District Attorney Ken Thompson’s inauguration last weekend. “And that results in something like $90 a month less for a family of four to eat. Families, who through no fault of their own, are in dire need–are hungry. It’s just immoral, frankly.”

“I don’t see how we can do that–not in this recession when people can’t find jobs and we’re not extending unemployment insurance. And now we want to starve people? That’s wrong,” he added.

Mr. Nadler, pressed on Republican concerns of fraud with the program, continued firing away at those on the other side of the aisle.

“There’s no evidence. Look, [with] any program human beings will find a way to have some fraud,” he replied. “There will be plenty of protections to minimize the fraud. If the Republicans wanted to say, ‘Let’s put in this action for protection or put in that action for protection,’ that would be something else. But they’re just using that as an excuse. They just want people to starve and it’s disgusting.”

Watch below…

While the Politicker article states that Nadler isn’t your typical rhetorical bomb-thrower, he has been known for some lunatic fringe comments, including requests that the Obama administration prosecute President Bush for waterboarding terrorists.

In a press release Wednesday, Nadler also pressed the Obama administration to look into Bush’s waterboarding orders.

“Waterboarding has long been considered torture – a view shared by the Obama Administration – and committing or ordering torture is a severe crime under both international and U.S. laws, for which we have convicted foreigners and Americans in the past,” Nadler said. “The President is bound by the Constitution to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed.’ Failure to order a criminal investigation would be a serious dereliction of duty. With President Bush’s admission, no further excuses or evasions are conscionable.”

“It is a smoking gun,” Nadler told MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Wednesday. “I’m dubious that he will do it because this administration unfortunately has taken the opinion, taken the attitude that they’re not going to look at any criminal actions by, within the prior administration. They say ‘let’s look forward, not backward.’ By that standard no one would be prosecuted for any crime.”

Nadler’s ‘Republicans want people to starve’ rhetoric is similar to hard-left lunatic Keith Olbermann, who once implored the President to save old people from having to eat dog food during a debate on the debt ceiling.

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