Congressman Just DESTROYED Democrats On Their Sit-In With 5 Words

As you likely know by now, congressional Democrats have achieved a new low in political discourse, staging a foot-stomping temper tantrum on the House Floor.

The childish antics are designed to force a vote on Second, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment-infringing legislation. Democrats want to take away the right to bear arms from Americans by trampling their due process rights, placing them on secret lists controlled only by unknown government entities.

And they’re doing it all by using the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack as a stepping stone.

Congressman Louie Gohmert went down to the House floor and confronted the sit-in Democrats with a small dose of reality – the guns didn’t kill these people in Orlando or San Bernardino, radical Islamic terrorists did.

Gohmert repeatedly shouted over Democrats in video of the confrontation in an attempt to explain the obvious – “Radical Islam killed these people!”

Via Mediaite:

Republican representative Louie Gohmert really got in the face of his Democratic colleagues last night over their protest over Congress’ inaction on gun control laws.

Despite the Senate’s rejection of the four gun bills earlier this week, Democrats in the House of Representatives began a sit-in yesterday to demand new legislation in the wake of the Orlando Shooting. The sit-in has already been met withfriction from the Congress’ conservative figures, and as Rep. Brad Sherman spoke last night, Gohmert came up and started yelling and pointing at the photos of the deceased victims of Pulse nightclub.

“We’re talking about radical Islam,” Gohmert shouted. “Radical Islam killed these people!”


Gohmert repeated that “ISIS killed these people,” but was eventually shouted down by some clown who kept insisting it was the gun that killed people in Orlando.

That same person then tried to unsuccessfully start a “don’t let terrorists have a gun” chant. That effort failed miserably for two reasons – liberals can’t chant that many syllables in one shot, and they also can’t chant something if it doesn’t rhyme. Little known fact.

Anyway, Gohmert then took the fight to Fox and Friends, explaining that Democrats “weren’t standing up for civil rights, they were taking away civil rights.”

.@replouiegohmert: The Dems staging the House sit-in weren’t standing up for rights, they were taking away rights.

— FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) June 23, 2016


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