Congressman Calls For Increased Surveillance of Mosques – Says Those Opposed Can Cry All They Want

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) has some seriously strong words for anybody who opposes increased scrutiny of mosques or Muslim gatherings in general – ‘You can cry all you want.’

King said that more surveillance of Muslims is necessary because “that’s where the threat is coming from.”


Via Mediaite:

Congressman Peter King today defended surveillance of mosques in the name of monitoring for potential terrorist threats. On Fox News Sunday, he dismissed the concerns of civil libertarians and said, “They can cry all they want.”

King insisted he understands most Muslims are good and he’s friends with a fellow Muslim congressman, saying, “This is nothing against Muslims, but the fact is, that is where the threat is coming from.”

He railed against “blind political correctness” and said there are plenty of cases where people in mosques openly share radical jihadist intentions but none of it is ever reported to the police out of concern.

Watch the interview segment below …

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has also said he would increase surveillance and consider shutting down mosques if they are tied to extremist actions.

A couple of months ago, King said he disagreed with Trump’s plan to shut down mosques, but the surveillance plan seems to be in sync.

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