Congress More Despised Than Zombies and Hemorrhoids, But More Beloved Than Miley Cyrus

Congress certainly isn’t winning any hearts and minds these days amidst the gridlock in Washington.  And recent polling bears this out, with Congress ranking lower than such things as zombies, potholes, cockroaches, and hemorrhoids.

On the plus side?  They still have a higher favorability rating than the tongue-wagging train wreck, Miley Cyrus.

Via DCist:

Despite the federal government shutdown, which is massively screwing up life for thousands of people (including those of us who wanted to go to the National Postal Museum last weekend), a handful of registered voters still have a higher opinion of Congress than they do of Miley Cyrus.

PPP asked the voters to compare Congress against a number of people and things, and say which they have a higher opinion of.

Congress is better liked than Miley Cyrus, Vladamir Putin, Anthony Weiner, the Ebola virus, Charles Manson, Lindsay Lohan, Honey Boo Boo, heroin, Syria and twerking. It’s not as liked as Wall Street, witches, hemorrhoids, jury duty, dog poop, toenail fungus, cockroaches, the IRS, mothers-in-law, the Department of Motor Vehicles, potholes, public radio fundraising drives, hipsters and zombies.

It’d be interesting to see the results if the pollsters combined elements of Congress and Cyrus.  For instance:  Would your view of Congress change if Harry Reid started each session off by twerking, or if Nancy Pelosi were given a foam finger to dance with?

Back in January, a similar poll had Congress losing in a favorability matchup with the band Nickelback.  For shame America, for shame.



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