Update to this story…

Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh will officially deny a FOIL request for a list of 60,000 pistol permit holders, made by a company that compiles and sells such data zoom meeting app herunterladen.

Via Syracuse.com:

The denial letter to online data seller eMerges.com will be mailed this morning, Walsh said Music apple music. The company, which compiles and sells lists of hunters, had asked for the names and addresses in a Freedom of Information Law request last month.

Walsh said he denied the request on two grounds:

— eMerges.com plans to package and sell the data for solicitation purposes netflix filme herunterladen legal.

— The sheriff’s department has not yet processed approximately 15,000 requests from permit holders to keep their information private herunterladen.

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While the company pinky-swore that would never use the data for solicitation purposes, Walsh says their own website information says otherwise.  Actually, his response to their written promise was, “liar, liar, pants on fire.”

No, I’m not kidding eclipse herunterladen kostenlos.