RUSH transcript:

>> Chris: You make it sound like it’s not much. He…

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>> Director Comey: No, it’s very important.

>> Chris: Not a source do not a source is a very big deal.

>> Director Comey: Remember how we got here, the FBI was accused of criminal misconduct, I was going to jail, people on this network said it over and over and over again. Inspector General did not find misconduct by FBI personnel, did not find political bias, did not find illegal conduct. Inspector General found significant mistakes and that is not something to sneeze at. That’s really important, but the American people, especially reviewers, need to realize they were given false information about the fbi. It’s honest, it is not political, it is flawed.

>> Chris: Would you agree that the fisa court was also given false information by the fbi?

>> Director Comey: I think that’s fair. The FBI should have included or at least pushed to the a lawyer so they could make a decision information that you just said, things like that, that another agency — not a source relationship but some sort of contact relationship.