Comedian Rob Schneider, himself an alum of the once-iconic show “Saturday Night Live,” ripped into the comedy series and actor Alec Baldwin for his mean-spirited portrayal of President Trump 4 bilder 1 wort spiel herunterladen.

Schneider rose to prominence in the 1990s, perhaps SNL’s last period of solid quotable comedy, portraying such characters as ‘Tiny Elvis’ and ‘The Richmeister,’ an office worker who gave co-workers numerous annoying nicknames kan niet meer download uit app store.

He would later star in his own comedy movies and appeared as a recurring character throughout many of Adam Sandler’s movies with the catchphrase, “You can do it!”

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Now, while he’s certainly welcome to, Schneider would prefer that Baldwin not do it … at all Download the app for free.

The comedian believes SNL is ruining a golden opportunity to capitalize on the comedy aspect of the Trump administration, simply because they hate the man access 2010 herunterladen kostenlos.

“The fun of ‘Saturday Night Live’ was always you never knew which way they leaned politically,” he said in an interview with the Daily News alle facebook daten herunterladen. “You kind of assumed they would lean more left and liberal, but now the cat’s out of the bag they are completely against Trump, which I think makes it less interesting because you know the direction the piece is going.”

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Schneider said that Baldwin’s portrayal of the President is “hard to watch” for two reasons:

  1. Baldwin is an actor, not a comedian napoleon total was free full version.
  2. Baldwin clearly hates Trump.

He compared Baldwin’s work with that of legendary comedian Dana Carvey, who respectfully played President George H.W navigations app herunterladen. Bush many times throughout the ’80s and ’90s.

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“Carvey played it respectfully,” Schneider said. “To me, the genius of Dana Carvey was Dana always had empathy for the people he played, and Alec Baldwin has nothing but a fuming, seething anger toward the person he plays.”


“I don’t find his impression to be comical,” Schneider added.

The comedian is a former Democrat turned Independent, and frequently offers salient points on his former party and their “fuming, seething” hatred of conservatives.

A year ago he came to the defense of Ann Coulter who had been blocked from delivering a speech to U.C. Berkley.

“UC Berkeley, after your done eliminating speech you don’t like & words you don’t like what’s next?” he wrote on Twitter. “Maybe add burning books to the curriculum.”

Democrats, he said in the new interview, are becoming increasingly intolerant while pretending to be the party of tolerance.

“Literally if you don’t go the party line — you’re out,” he explained. “There’s a real ugliness to it.”

Do you think Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Trump is good or bad? Share your thoughts below!

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