Picture this if you will … You’re a Univision news anchor giving a speech to a ‘safe space’ loving college crowd in the far-left wasteland known as the People’s Republic of California windows 10 1809 herunterladen.

Surely, ripping Donald Trump, and doing so in Spanish will be a hit with this crowd, right?


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Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas thought she had her pulse on the people she was addressing during a speech at California State University Fullerton herunterladen. She decided to start delivering part of her keynote to the university’s College of Communications in Spanish.

This didn’t sit well with the English speaking portion of the crowd, and parents and students began shouting “What about us?”

Salinas then took on Trump in her speech, leading some of the audience members to yell at her to “get off the stage.”

Via OC Weekly:

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Salinas’ speech was well-received until it became a little too Latino-centric for some and blatantly anti-Trump spider solitaire download free full version. The Univision broadcaster began specifically congratulating Latino journalism graduates for what seemed like a large chunk of her speech. She then began speaking in Spanish and asked the crowd to repeat a few inspirational words after her, in Spanish penalty for illegal music. This left non-journalism grads and non-Latinos/non-Spanish speakers feeling excluded. Parents in the audience and even students in the ceremony began demanding Salinas switch to a more inclusive tone by shouting phrases such as, “What about us?!”

Tensions worsened as Salinas began offering advice to journalism students to use the tools of media to rebut political figures such as Donald Trump herunterladen. That’s when folks began yelling things to Salinas such as, “Get off the stage!” and “Trash!”

The Blaze also reports:

Salinas told the Post, “It’s really sad herunterladen. And it’s a testament to what has happened in our country. Our country is really divided.”

Salinas claimed that she could hear some people yelling during her brief address but couldn’t hear what they were saying von instagram bilder herunterladen. She learned later from a student that some were upset by her comments.

In video from the event, Salinas is heard saying, “They blame us so much for so many things, that now they’re even blaming us, the media, for creating Donald Trump google maps strecke downloaden. Imagine that.”

As shouting could be heard from the crowd, Salinas continued, “Isn’t that terrible? But we didn’t, right? Who did it? I don’t know.”

The yelling continued herunterladen.

“If you allow me to say a few words in Spanish,” she went on, but someone called out, “No!”

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Check out this clip from the speech …


Naturally, Salinas immediately assumed the negative reaction to her speech was … say it with me … Racism horror games gratisen!

Fortunately, this Twitter user was quick to introduce a concept called reality to Ms. Salinas:



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