Colin Kaepernick Praises Castro, Then Gets Hammered In Loss By Son of a Cuban Immigrant

Kiko Alonso, the 239-pound linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, may have had a little extra motivation this week, thanks to Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick, the anti-American and now pro-Communist, pro-Dictator quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, spent time during interviews this week to praise former Cuban president, Fidel Castro.

Alonso is the son a Cuban exile.

During an interview with Miami reporters earlier this week, Kaepernick sported a t-shirt that featured the dictator meeting with Malcolm X, then praised Castro for investing in Cuba’s education system, as opposed to the American investment in the prison system.

On Sunday, Kaepernick’s 49ers took on the Dolphins in Miami, a city which hosts a large population of Cuban exiles who were forced to flee Castro’s brutal regime.

Alonso, the son of a Cuban immigrant, was the defensive star of the game recording 12 tackles, 2 quarterback hits, recovering a fumble and hauling in an interception.

Better yet, he sealed the victory on the game’s final play by absolutely leveling Kaepernick.

Symbolic that a Cuban American, @Kiko__Alonso, would knock some sense into a Fidel admirer (@Kaepernick7)! #FinsUp #ConorStrut #47

— Tito in Miami (@Tito305Sports) November 27, 2016


It is being referred to as poetic justice.

Alonso himself, posted a picture of the game-saving tackle on his Instagram with the hashtag #cubalibre – Free Cuba.

Vamos Coño !!!! ???????????????? #finsup #miamidolphins #cubalibre

A photo posted by Kiko Alonso (@elbravo_47) on Nov 27, 2016 at 3:08pm PST


Via the Miami Herald:

… if you still aren’t certain what mind-set the Alonso family brought to Sunday’s game as it pertained to the San Francisco quarterback, allow them to make it more clear:

“I got interviewed earlier about what I thought of him [Kaepernick], and I said it’s about immaturity,” Carlos (Alonso’s father) said. “He doesn’t know about the suffering the Cuban people have had. He doesn’t have a clue.”

Kiko chimed in …

“He’s ignorant,” he said.

“He still has no clue what a ruthless killer of the Cuban people this guy [Castro] was,” Carlos finished.

Having no clue is kind of Kaepernick’s thing. After complaining about supposed “oppression” he’s witnessed in America, he proceeded to not cast a vote in this past election. He refers to police officers as pigs. And now he shows love for a man who had thousands upon thousands of political opponents killed in firing squads.

It’s fitting that a man whose father had to escape the clutches of Castro’s dictatorship was the same man who put Kaepernick on his back to end the game.

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