Democrat shenanigans in the Florida vote recount have become so glaringly obvious, that even CNN’s John King notes the party is trying to ‘bend the law.’

King noted that U.S anyconnect herunterladen. District Court Judge Mark Walker, an Obama-appointed judge, has extended the deadline for voters to fix discrepancies regarding the signatures on their vote-by-mail ballots iw elan.

Democrats have also been caught in a scheme using altered forms to allow absentee ballots with ineligible signatures to be “perfected” after the deadline for submission had passed filme kostenlos aufs handyen.

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With the number of ballots rejected for mismatched signatures sitting at a relatively small 3,781, one has to wonder what the next move would be herunterladen. These ballots, even should they break completely for Democrats, won’t be enough to overturn the results.

King Has It Figured Out

“The ruling adds about 4,000 total votes to over eight million cast ps4 media playeren. Now, that’s a small number,” he explained to viewers. “So small that even if every one of those who’s validated and broke for the Democrat, be too small of a number to erase the Republican lead in the Senate race.”

What will they do origin to mac?

“The hope now for Democrats though, is that the court has already shown its willingness to overlook or bend the letter of the law and that would do so again,” King said flohmarkt app for free download.


Did we hear him correctly musik auf handy downloaden iphone? Did he just inadvertently give away the Democrat playbook? Has King not read the CNN memo indicating the first rule of revealing the DNC’s true motives is never reveal the DNC’s true motives herunterladen?

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It’s funny, while King is on air noting that Democrats are trying to break bend the law, editor-at-large Chris Cillizza, is pretending voter fraud is not a real problem amazon photos herunterladen.

Cillizza embarrassingly referenced a couple of tweets President Trump sent regarding the ongoing issues in Florida, quantifying everything with the phrase “without evidence.”

Except there is a plethora of evidence, so much so that a CNN anchor flat-out admits the Democrats are trying to skirt the law.

Rubio Claims They’re Flat-Out Stealing the Election

Senator Marco Rubio appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight Wednesday and broke down the election theft going on in Florida. Except, he said it as a little more than bending the law, it is theft.

“To have a judge come in and announce that Florida law after the election, we’re going to change the rules in hopes of influencing the outcome,” Rubio said, “that, to me, is stealing the election.”


He’s right. In addition to sending altered forms and extending deadlines in the hopes of counting invalid ballots, Democrat lawyers have been working overtime to change the results from Election Day, even objecting when the votes of non-citizens are discarded.


Question for King: Is stealing an election an example of simply ‘bending’ the law, or are Democrats flat-out breaking it? If so, when will someone be charged?

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