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CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump’s Cabinet Members Are Holding Talks of Invoking 25th Amendment

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>> Reporter Jim Acosta: Yeah, Chris. And I think there is a lot to analyze about all of this. I’ll try to walk-through it as best as I can. But I’m hearing from a well-placed Republican source there have been preliminary conversations going on inside the cabinet among some cabinet members about invoking the 25th amendment of the Constitution to force the removal of President Trump from office. Now, that is a dramatic step. It’s never been taken before, and it’s something that hasn’t really been contemplated until really today with the events that we saw unfolding up on Capitol Hill. I am told that this talk of using the 25th amendment to force President Trump from office has reached Capitol Hill. There are some Republican senators who have been briefed on this who understand that these discussions are taking place and so word is spreading that this may end up happening. Now, the process is complicated, Chris. The vice president and a majority of the cabinet would have to determine that the president is unable to carry out the duties of his office. The president could contest that and then it would go to the Congress and you would need, I think, a two-thirds vote in each house in the house and the Senate for the president to be removed from office.

> That’s right.

>> That is obviously a tall order given the makeup of the Senate as we see. We saw from the impeachment trial of President Trump there are few, if any, Republican senators willing to throw the president out of house. Getting to two-thirds will not likely map. The president’s mental state has also come up in talking to my sources. I talked to a Trump adviser who speaks with the president who said that the president has lost it. He’s lost it are the words used by this adviser. I talked to a separate source close to the White House earlier this evening who says that the president is being seen by staff members as being, quote, unstable and ranting and raving. So, Chris, there are serious questions about the president’s mental state. I take no pleasure as a reporter over here in the White House in reporting that, but that is the fact of the matter it appears this evening from talking to my sources. There are questions about the president’s mental state and discussions about whether or not the cabinet should invoke the 25th amendment along with Mike Pence, a process that would make Mike Pence president of the United States, but again a process that is ultimately not likely to pan out with the removal of President Trump from the office if he fights it.

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