CNN’s Jim Acosta faced a charged up pro-Trump crowd hours before a South Carolina campaign rally with incumbent Republican Governor Henry McMaster.

Acosta, a journalistic legend in his own mind, was pelted with insults as the media awaited the arrival of the President. Shouts of “Go home, Jim” and “fake news Jim” reigned down from supporters of the Republican President.

One protester even held up a sign which read “CNN sucks” while the CNN reporter gave a live briefing of events.


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Acosta seemed to draw the ire of one particular older woman in the crowd who repeatedly waved at him and allegedly declared that he should ‘get the f*** out of the building.’

Acosta responded that “I have every right to be here ma’am.”

“And as you can hear behind me, Wolf, the crowd is very fired up,” he stated during the broadcast. “We have about a couple of thousand people in this room so far, they are letting the press corps here know exactly how they feel about what we’re doing here, Wolf.”


Hey, at least he’s able to go to a local restaurant after the rally and eat his dinner in peace, am I right?

The President himself gave a little jab to members of the media, as he is known to do.

“Look at all those fake newsers back there. That’s a lot,” Trump said. “That’s a lot of people.”


It’s not the first time CNN reporters have been on the receiving end of a rambunctious crowd at a Trump rally. At a rally in Duluth, Minnesota last week, the crowd burst into a spontaneous chant of “CNN sucks!”

Still, the odds are pretty good that Acosta didn’t take the chants of “Go home, Jim” and “fake news Jim” too hard.

As White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders once explained, it’s difficult for him to understand even short sentences.

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