CNN’s Jim Acosta Finally Says Something Good About Donald Trump

There’s certainly no love lost between the White House and CNN reporter Jim Acosta. Their rivalry typically consists of him being mocked as “fake news” while he dutifully behaves in a manner that proves them right. Which is more akin to a rivalry between a hammer and a nail, come to think of it.

But Acosta has put that aside and revealed the one positive thing he thinks of when he thinks of President Trump.

A fan in the crowd at a recent rally in Nashville caught up with Acosta and turned the tables a bit by interviewing him.

Trump rally ready!

— Greg Aselbekian ?? (@Gaselbekian) May 29, 2018


“I’m here with Jim Acosta from CNN,” announced Greg Aselbekian while sporting a ‘Make America Great Again t-shirt. “I’m just wondering Jim — can you name one thing you like — truly like — about the Trump presidency?”

Is it the roaring economy? The tax breaks? The demolition of ISIS? Pairing down government regulations? Signing the ‘Right to Try’ legislation?

No, it’s that he’s, as WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon might say, best for business.

“The Trump presidency … hey, it’s good for news!” Acosta told the Trump supporter.


Aselbekian said that Acosta’s response was very “CNN-like.”

“I believe he revealed the truth – that the constant bashing of Trump is just for news and their ratings,” he told the Daily Caller. “It’s truly sad!”

Essentially, the man they constantly look down on as being pure entertainment, a reality TV star, is loved for his entertainment value for the network.

Got it.

Hey, there was plenty of news, scandals, outrage that could have been covered the previous eight years under Barack Obama, but you didn’t seem very interested in what was good for news back then. Why is that, CNN?

Aside from Acosta’s admission that Trump is good for news, he was also mocked by other supporters at the rally who were wearing “you are fake news” t-shirts.

Taunting Jim Acosta with my “You Are Fake News” shirt

— Joe Dan Gorman, Intellectual Froglegs/NRA Member (@JoeDanMedia) May 29, 2018


During his first press conference as President-elect, Donald Trump hammered CNN and Acosta, not offering him any questions despite insisting that he do so.

With Trump looking to call on reporters, Acosta yelled out, “Since you are attacking us, can you give us a question?”

“Not you,” Trump responded. “Your organization is terrible!”

Acosta, undeterred, continued shouting.

“You are attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir?” he asked.

“I’m not going to give you a question,” Trump responded before coining the signature description for CNN.

“I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news!”

Is the media so obsessed with Trump because they need ratings? Share your thoughts below!

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