CNN’s Jake Tapper initially denied any attempt to interfere in a Pennsylvania House race by convincing Republican Sean Parnell not to run in the 17th District, but a direct message on Twitter shows he wasn’t being completely honest herunterladen. jake tapper election

The Political Insider covered the story earlier this week, noting that it had been alleged that Tapper attempted to convince Parnell, who is running against Democrat incumbent Connor Lamb, to pick a different district to run in herunterladen.

Critics have claimed the suggestion was an attempt to protect Lamb’s seat.

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“Jake knows exactly what he is doing here,” a source told Breitbart News hessenwarn. “This is a swing district in a swing state — Jake knows that Sean can bring out voters that might otherwise stay home but if they come out, they’re voting for Trump.”

Is Trump going to win in 2020?


The source added, “Those votes could deliver the state and the election to Trump herunterladen. This is nothing short of a CNN anchor interfering in a national election.”

The Denial and the Proof

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Former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell sent a direct message to Tapper asking if the allegations were true lego marvel super heroes kostenlos downloaden.

“Is it true you asked Sean Parnell to not run against Conor Lamb?” Grenell asked.

The CNN anchor responded simply, “Nope.”

Grenell followed up that “they are saying they have texts from you.”

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“Not true?” he asked gta san andreas herunterladen kostenlos pc.

Fox News obtained a direct message from Tapper in 2019 sent to Parnell’s account the day after he announced his candidacy easter 2020 images for free.

“And best of luck in your race. For the record, I wasn’t trying to talk you out of running — I was trying to talk you into running in a safer [Republican] district herunterladen! Lol,” he wrote.

Why are you, as an alleged journalist, trying to talk anybody into or out of running in an election, Jacob adobe creative cloud erneut herunterladen?


Criticism Rains Down jake tapper election

Tapper was bombarded with criticism, some of whom viewed his private messaging to Parnell as meddling in an election herunterladen.

Grenell, having been lied to by the anchor, blasted Tapper’s actions and the bias of his network while noting that his personal employment background makes the interference especially egregious.

“The [CNN] bias is serious. We all know this,” Grenell tweeted. “But when [Tapper], a former Democrat Hill staffer from Pennsylvania, tries to manipulate a Pennsylvania Congressional race while hosting a nightly news show, the cable network MUST take action.”


Others pointed out that it was the lying that was of bigger concern, even after Tapper had been warned that they might have messages proving his attempted interference in Parnell’s decisionmaking.

“Honestly don’t think that Tapper advising Parnell that he might be better off running in a different district (probably true!) is a big deal,” writer AG Hamilton suggested. “But the flat-out denial contradicted by this DM is a real issue.”

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