CNN’s Chris Cuomo Caught Playing ‘Deceptively Edited’ Video Of Trump … To Push An Obvious Lie

For a network that claims to be ‘facts first’, they sure don’t mind skipping over the audio that disproves the lies they are trying to spin. chris cuomo edited video

Since before Trump took office, he has taken a position that his REAL opponent was not the DNC, exactly, but was, in fact, the news media spin machines working so hard to cover the sins of Democrats and manufacture sins of Republicans.

Nobody could really complain if both political parties played by the same rules of journalism. If they BOTH got a pass, or if they BOTH got shellacked over every perceived slight, nobody could really cry foul.

But it’s pretty clear from the way they circled the wagons around Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and others that the Media cares much more about the (R) or (D) after someone’s name than they do about reporting the actual news.

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That’s why we call them what they are: The Media (D). chris cuomo edited video

And Chris Cuomo gave us a masterclass on exactly how that kind of selective misquoting can be weaponized against his political rivals.

Here’s the less intelligent Cuomo brother (he seems to no longer get any scheduled turns with the shared brain) ranting about Trump’s ‘failures’ to take proper action in the face of this crisis.

Of course, to sell that horses**t story, he’s got to cut out the part of the clip where Trump talks about the aggressive steps that were taken to secure America from asymptomatic disease carriers entering the country en masse… by closing border traffic to high-risk areas.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo deceptively edited this clip to make it look like Trump said that he didn’t take action on the coronavirus because he didn’t want to upset people

After the CNN clip, Trump’s full remarks play which show Trump talking about the action he took

Cuomo cut that out

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) April 8, 2020


‘Facts first’, though. Right?

Is it any wonder the Media(D) has fallen to such contemptible levels of disrepute?

This is as blatant a lie as the one they did about ‘very fine people’. That one ALSO conveniently left out the parts of what Trump said that would disprove their allegations that Trump supported racists.

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Considering the words that refuted it were separated from the ‘very fine people’ soundbite by less than 60 seconds of audio, it takes some VERY cynical editing to push that story.

Then again, we’re not dealing with journalists, we’re dealing with Fredo and the other Presstitutes.

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