BLITZER: “So many — so many of your colleagues, former members, current members, they say what you did — you voted against releasing the Democratic report. All the Republicans did along strict party lines. You voted in favor of releasing the Republican report, congressman.”

STEWART: “No, no, that’s not true. We voted — we voted to release the Democratic report. We voted to release it to the House of Representatives. Every Republican did.”


BLITZER: “That was — yeah, but not at the same time as the Republic — you wanted to hold off. You wanted it to go through what they call a scrubbing process.”

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STEWART: “Yeah.”

BLITZER: “You wanted to — you voted in favor of releasing the Republican report right away. You didn’t vote in favor of releasing the Democratic report right away.”

STEWART: “Well, we went through the same process with both of them. Wolf, let me ask you this.”

BLITZER: “There were two votes — there were two votes —“

STEWART: “Wolf —“

BLITZER: “— and they were both strictly along party lines.”

STEWART: “Wolf, why are we talking about that instead of talking about the contents of this memo? This is a remarkable —”


BLITZER: “Because the contents of the memo, congressman, the contents of the memo are being seen as — as political. Remember, Devin Nunes, the chairman of your committee, he was a member of the Trump transition team. He worked assertively on behalf of the president. He was —“

STEWART: “Wolf —“

BLITZER: “— he had to recuse himself at one point because he was too close to the White House. He was getting back channel information. He himself had to remove himself. Mike Conaway, the number two Republican, had to take over. So this has seen by the American — at least a big chunk of the American public, congressman, as being a politicized moment in American history, which you could have avoided by simply releasing both memos —“

STEWART: “Wolf —“

BLITZER: “— at the same time which has always — which has always been the case.”

STEWART: “OK, look, we can talk all afternoon if you want about whether the memos are separated by a few days. Why aren’t we talking about what’s in these memos? Why aren’t we talking about whether the FBI abused their power? Why aren’t we talking about whether they were honest before the FISA courts? Did they present information? Did they tell the FISA courts that this dossier, that, by the way, the FBI director himself said was unverified and salacious. Did they tell the FISA courts that? Did they tell the FISA court that this was nothing but a political hack job paid for by the Democrats and Hillary Clinton? Why aren’t we talking about that instead of some process that involves a few days.”