That’s kind of a xenophobic thing to say.

CNN political analyst April Ryan mocked Melania Trump after she announced her ‘Be Best’ anti-cyberbullying and addiction initiative, saying she is “not culturally American.”

Mrs arduino kostenlos herunterladen. Trump grew up in Slovenia, came to New York in 1996, became a permanent U.S. resident in 2001, and gained citizenship in 2006, making her the first naturalized U.S xbox one im hintergrund downloaden. citizen to become First Lady of the United States.

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She also speaks five languages. In addition to Slovenian, she is fluent in English, French, Serbian and German mw3 kostenlose inhalte zum herunterladen erforderlich.

That makes her ‘other’ in Ryan’s view, insufficiently American.

“This is, this is a first lady who is not, um, culturally, um, American, but she is learning the ways,” the CNN reporter asserted nintendo switch spieleen kostenlos. “This is not just an American issue, these are not just American issues, these are international issues.”

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Wha? office 365 update herunterladen!

Imagine somebody at Fox News saying that about a Hispanic politician, or a Mexican flag-waving illegal immigrant.

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Steven Cheung, Special Assistant to the President and White House Director of Strategic Response, happened to notice Ryan’s comments and called her out on social media for … well, essentially being a bully virenscanner avg gratis downloaden.

“What does that even mean?” he demanded. “On a day when Mrs. Trump unveiled a very important initiative , reporters can’t bring themselves to talk about anything but rumors and innuendo.”


Conservative commentator Carmine Sabia spoke with Fox News about Ryan’s comments animal crossing designs herunterladen.

I “remember people like April Ryan saying that we are a nation of immigrants,” Sabia said. “This is racism and reprehensible and she should be ashamed.”

Radio host Glenn Beck reminded Ryan, “I know when some said that Obama wasn’t fully ‘culturally American’ reporters cried racism.”

“Now that you, a reporter, are saying the same, can they cry racism?” he asked. “Or do you just hate foreigners?”


Come on, Glenn. You know the left doesn’t operate on a level playing field. Making racist comments like Ryan did is perfectly acceptable. After all, who’s going to cover it, her colleagues in the media?

Do you think April Ryan should apologize for her comments about Melania? Share your thoughts below!

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