Have to love it when the mainstream media is outraged at President Trump’s language, then sets out to one-up him when it comes to curse words.

Political commentator Ana Navarro, CNN’s version of a ‘Republican,’ insisted that the only way President Trump could prove he’s not a racist is by passing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

She then punctuated her point by calling him a vulgar term in Spanish.

“If @realDonaldTrump wants to try to do something to contradict the widely-held perception that he is a dark-hearted racist, there is a quick way for him to do it: exert some damn leadership and pass #DACA,” Navarro wrote on Twitter.

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“Pass it now,” she added. “¡Coño!”


‘¡Coño!’ according to sites like Urban Dictionary and SpeakingLatino.com, can mean several things, none of which are particularly lady-like. The word can equate to the c-word in English, or it can mean ‘p****.’ Some translations also indicate it could mean ‘motherf*****.’

The CNN commentator didn’t apologize for her crass language, instead mocking conservative websites for actually being able to translate her Spanish.

Navarro is a frequent critic of President Trump and conservatives in general, which makes her even more of a darling of CNN as their token Republican.

She was recently caught cropping a photo in an attempt to paint the Trump Administration as a bunch of ‘old white guys.’


Navarro likely has a personal vendetta against the President, since he’s been calling her out as a ‘loser’ for many years.


She doesn’t deliver votes, she doesn’t deliver real news, and she sure as hell doesn’t deliver ratings for CNN.

Do you think CNN can be considered a legitimate news source with fake Republicans like Ana Navarro on their station? Share your thoughts below!

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