CNN, Without Evidence, Claims There’s a New Top Democrat Contender For 2020

CNN’s resident political crackpot Chris Cillizza posted a new list of leading presidential candidates for the Democrats in 2020. The Thursday morning list mimicked much of his career – random and unintelligent.

The analyst moved a new individual to the top of that list using overwhelming generalizations as evidence that they belong there. Even better, he and analyst Harry Enten completely whiffed on one of those reasons.

The three factors they’ve taken into account are – “Women are winning,” “liberals are winning,” and “people of color are winning” during the Democrat primary season.

Pay attention to that last one.

Based on that message, Cillizza immediately states “Because of that, we are crowning a new king — er, queen — in our monthly rankings of the 10 people most likely to wind up as the Democratic nominee for president against Donald Trump in 2020.”

Who is that woman, that liberal, that “person of color?”

Elizabeth Warren.

There’s a new No. 1 among 2020 Democrats | Analysis by CNN’s Chris Cillizza and Harry Enten

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) September 13, 2018


Aside from the obvious faux pas that Warren is not a ‘person of color,’ especially glaring because she launched her career through the false claims of Native American heritage (isn’t that cultural appropriation?!), CNN sites several other reasons Warren is their new number one.

Mainly, she has all sorts of supposed progressive bonafides.

“She’s a progressive in a party that is moving left,” CNN claims. “She’s championed fighting corruption and fighting the establishment in an era where corruption is seen as one of the country’s biggest problems.”

Was she fighting corruption on Wall Street when she attended a ritzy Martha’s Vineyard dinner hosted by a big bank executive known as “the real Wolf of Wall Street?”

Is she going to fight the establishment when she was previously a Republican for a majority of the ’90s before deciding the GOP had gotten too cozy with Wall Street?

She lied about her heritage to further her career, was a Republican but left because of their connection to Wall Street, then joined the Democrats where she herself has been cozy with bankers representing the 1%.

Is anything about Elizabeth Warren real?

The 2020 field is sizing up to have a historically large field of women — possibly including the likes of Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren

— POLITICO (@politico) September 12, 2018


CNN did get one thing correct in their assessment that Warren is currently eyeing a battle with President Trump, and she’s doing it by tracking even further to the unhinged left.

Warren recently invoked the 25th Amendment in suggesting Trump be removed from office.

She has also been giving campaign-style speeches and having aides reach out to key Democratic officeholders in important primary states such as Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina.

Recent polls suggest CNN’s ranking of Warren is more wishful thinking than anything else. One Zogby poll in May had her well behind gropin’ Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and even Oprah Winfrey. Another poll in July indicating favorability ratings still had her behind Biden and Sanders, and only sporting a 33 percent positive ranking.

We hope she runs and wins the honor of facing Trump in 2020. The defeat will be of epic proportions where the President easily makes a mockery of a woman who repeatedly lied about her heritage and background to get ahead in the world.

Worse, he’ll easily exploit a trait that many people seem to notice when it comes to Warren.

As Vanity Fair states, “Warren’s bigger vulnerability is … that many people seem to find her irritating.”

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