CNN: Trump to Meet with Sheriff David Clarke on Monday

BALDWIN: “Final question, Eugene, we know that on Monday that Trump is meeting with these eight people and want to throw, if we have them, their faces and their names up on the screen but one of them is more controversial sheriff, Milwaukee county Sheriff David Clarke, spoke at the RNC, does that — here they are. Does that surprise you that he’s meeting with Mr. Trump?”

SCOTT: “It doesn’t surprise me, he’s been very much a vocal supporter of Donald Trump and a critic of black lives matter movement and many activists which is something Donald Trump has also criticized. It will be very telling if Donald Trump picks him given the issues that the black lives matter movement has brought to the forefront in this presidential election in other relationships to black inner cities and these issues that have been in the forefront regarding tidety politics. It will tell us where Donald Trump is trying to go forward regarding race relations.”


As we reported earlier, Clarke is being vetted for the position of Secretary of Homeland Security.

Clarke’s history of savaging liberal ideas and (lack of) principles is tremendous – whether he’s blasting the left for using ‘Jim Crow tactics’ to intimidate voters, saying President Obama stoked the fires that led to the attack on Dallas police officers, or telling people that the key to not being shot by the police is to ‘not resist arrest.’


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