CNN Reporters Fawn Over Obama’s Kite-Surfing Photos – ‘He’s Jacked’

Former President Obama was recently spotted kite-surfing off the coast of a private island owned by his billionaire pal, Richard Branson.

Photos emerged from the vacation, showing Obama trying to learn the sport but struggling as one might expect the first time out.

On more than a few occasions, Obama wiped out, a metaphor for his legacy being wiped out by President Trump.

Most people viewed the pictures and thought, “What a dork!”


A pair of CNN reporters – Brooke Baldwin and Brianna Keilar – saw the photos and thought something completely different.

“Can we say on TV that President Obama is jacked?” Baldwin asked, before Keilar chimed in and discussed his workout routines.


Sure, you can call him ‘jacked,’ but probably only if you use the photos in a side-by-side comparison with say a 10-year-old girl.


Via the Blaze:

“Okay, uh, staying on President Obama and looking at these pictures of him… you know, Sir Richard Branson’s island… I mean, can we say on TV that President Obama is jacked?” Baldwin asked.

In the full exchange, Keilar responded, “Well, you just said it. He seems to have had some time perhaps to spend some time in the gym, which, he did make a regular habit of that as president. But he’s been relaxing, and you probably haven’t seen him like this. But come on! If you were on Richard Branson’s private island and you’re spending your days kiteboarding, how excited and relaxed are you going to look?”

Imagine this were a pair of male reporters discussing the physical appearance of a Melania Trump or Michelle Obama.

More worrisome than the commentary is the apparently poor vision both reporters have. Or maybe they’ve forgotten about Obama’s actual “time in the gym.”

This is not, I repeat NOT, the workout routine of a “jacked” man.


It’s more like the workout routine of Spongebob Squarepants …


Then of course there are these images which show a most decidedly ‘unjacked’ individual:




Like we said though, it’s all about perspective. If you were to take a photo of President ‘Jacked’ and compare and contrast it in a certain way then yea, we can kind of see where the ladies of CNN are coming from.

For instance …


So in this instance, if one were forced to pick the one person out of the three who looks ‘jacked’ then we would most definitely pick Oba  … No, come to think of it, Agnes McKee, at the young age of 105, looks more jacked then the former President.

Our point is, it’s all about perspective. We guess.

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