CNN Reporter: Obama Exasperated Over Left-Wing 2020 Candidates


SCIUTTO: “Joining us now, CNN’s Rebecca Buck. CNN has reporting that President Obama himself was not pleased by the criticism of some of the Democrats. What are you learning?”

BUCK: “Well, that’s right, Jim. As you know, Obama has been trying to stay out of this primary as much as possible, keeping quiet and not making any endorsements. Even with his former Vice President Joe Biden in the race. But privately, Obama, our CNN colleagues are reporting, is expressing exasperation at how far left the party is moving on some policy issues, and of course, breaking with some of the things he did when he was president. Now, of course, primaries are all about the legacy of the last president, where the party is moving and it’s no secret that the Democratic Party right now has been moving far to the left policy-wise relative to the Obama Administration. And it is for many of these candidates a balancing act, because Joe Biden of course is running essentially as a third term of President Obama, but a lot of these other Democratic candidates look at what happened in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was essentially running as a third Obama term and lost to President Trump and they see this as more of a balancing act. How can they embrace President Obama, who remains very popular personally among many Democrats, while also charting a new course forward for the party, taking a more progressive direction. And that’s what we’ve seen from many of these other candidates.”

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