2009?  Fort Hood?  No?

Here’s a hint:  Nidal Hasan was convicted of this crime less than a month ago…

Nothing jarring the ol’ melon, eh?

During today’s live coverage of the Washington Navy Yard shooting, CNN anchor Carol Costello actually had this exchange with her colleagues…

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Via Newsbusters:

CAROL COSTELLO: I used to work in Washington, live in Washington. This seems so unusual to me that a gunman could create this kind of havoc at a U.S. military facility.


COSTELLO: Have you ever heard of it happening before, Brian?

TODD: I’m sorry, Carol. I missed that question. Could you repeat it please?

COSTELLO: I was just saying that this is so unusual, because this is such a heavily-secured military facility. I’ve worked in Washington for many years, I’ve never heard of such a thing happening.

Brian Todd gently reminded Costello of the Fort Hood shooting afterwards  and provided cover by suggesting they were discussing in that particular area.